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Julie Devaney, patient expert,

I work with healthcare facilities looking to humanize their practices, creative productions that require expertise about hospitals and patient experience, and writers who want to tell their stories.

My clients range from healthcare organizations and publishing houses, to writers, performers and advocates. I offer a dynamic approach that combines personal experience with policy analysis by providing:Save




I have provided dozens of keynote speeches at events ranging from healthcare education for staff, to patient groups, to literary and academic conferences.


I use performance and participatory techniques to provoke insight about clinical experiences, finding common ground between patients and providers through honest discussion and collaboration.

“As medical professionals, we forget the impact that our rituals have on patients. We feel so safe that we can chart things and we believe that we’ve captured the experience… but do we truly know what that feels like to the individual? Julie’s facilitation is provocative because it destabilizes you at the same time it offers opportunities for better ways of communicating with patients. I think on some level you have to feel a bit uncomfortable in order to stimulate change and make an impact. It’s also humorous to me because we all do the same things, but are patients’ needs really being met? Working with Julie teaches professionals what good practice looks like and how patients’ own narratives can truly support us in meeting their needs.”

Linda Muraca, MN
Nurse Clinician

I have both developed and consulted on staff training that forefronts patient experience in hospitals and clinics across Canada and in the US and UK. The standardized language I produced for staff at the University Health Network in Toronto is still in use.


I have supported professional as well as first time writers in the production of health care articles and books as well as shows for stage and screen.

“Julie is really superb at evaluating manuscripts. I saw first hand when she did a critique of my book Shameless that she is a master at clear and constructive criticism while being enthusiastic and encouraging about your work. Her comments about my manuscript were spot on and helped to move my story forward without changing its direction or my voice. Her attention to detail was incredible and helped me tighten the narrative and sort out complex chronological timelines. She really understood the subject matter and was concise in pointing out the problems – and then she told me exactly how to fix them! Believe me, this is a huge gift to a writer. I highly recommend Julie Devaney for manuscript evaluation and developmental editing.”

Marilyn Churley
Shameless: The Fight for Adoption Disclosure and the Search for My Son


Initial Consultation: Free

Writing support and consultation: $80.00/hour

Manuscript evaluation: $800.00 flat rate

Keynote speeches/facilitated workshops: $2000.00-5000.00
(actual cost negotiated based on considerations such as venue, travel, and audience)

Consideration will be given to individuals and organizations whose budget cannot accommodate my fees. If you believe we would be a good fit, please be in touch.