“Julie provided very insightful and supportive feedback on my manuscript. Her understanding of politics and the psychology of potential readers helped me advance through some key portions of my book. I would highly recommend Julie and her work!”

Shakil Choudhury
Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs Them

“Julie is a community leader who is able to work with disparate sectors of the health community (patients, advocates, professional clinicians, policy makers) and approaches such labour with flexible aplomb to bring these diverse sectors together to focus on common goals. She uses her own lived experience as a health care recipient to elucidate the complexities of illness/wellness, and this skill of airing personal experiences makes her one of the most self-reflexive people I know. She confronts and speaks to difficult topics in ways that unite rather than divide people, and is one of the reasons that I often ask her to guest lecture in Disability Studies courses at Ryerson. Students are moved by her work, and she is especially skilled at taking unexpected questions from her audience and working to bridge the knowledge base between herself and them so that the conversation becomes about ‘us.’ She is always a pleasure to work with, and is able to draw on her extensive knowledge and experience to tailor any request that comes her way to make it on point and relevant.”

Jijian Voronka, PhD

“I can’t recommend Ms. Devaney’s services highly enough. She provided me with the exact constructive feedback I needed to take my manuscript to the next level. There were no vague and useless comments like, ‘this needs work’ or ‘this doesn’t fit’, but specific, thoughtful feedback around story structure, narrative flow, characterization, style, what added and what detracted from the narrative, and lingering questions as a reader. Every piece of advice was referenced with a specific chapter or passage from the draft where appropriate, providing me a clear sense of where I needed to go.

Ms. Devaney’s work was also timely, professional, and affordable. She kept me up-to-date on her progress, and was readily reachable for follow-up by e-mail and phone.”

Dr. Frank Warsh, MD

“I love working with Julie Devaney. She is sharp eyed and warm hearted so sees very clearly what needs to be done and then is kind and straightforward with her suggestions. We worked together on Robin Duke’s ‘I’ve Been Hacked’. Both Robin and I benefitted from her insights and wisdom. We all laughed a lot too.”

Martha Burns
Actress and Theatre Artist

“Julie is really superb at evaluating manuscripts. I saw first hand when she did a critique of my book Shameless that she is a master at clear and constructive criticism while being enthusiastic and encouraging about your work. Her comments about my manuscript were spot on and helped to move my story forward without changing its direction or my voice. Her attention to detail was incredible and helped me tighten the narrative and sort out complex chronological timelines. She really understood the subject matter and was concise in pointing out the problems – and then she told me exactly how to fix them! Believe me, this is a huge gift to a writer. I highly recommend Julie Devaney for manuscript evaluation and developmental editing.”

Marilyn Churley
Shameless: The Fight for Adoption Disclosure and the Search for My Son

“As medical professionals, we forget the impact that our rituals have on patients. We feel so safe that we can chart things and we believe that we’ve captured the experience… but do we truly know what that feels like to the individual? Julie’s facilitation is provocative because it destabilizes you at the same time it offers opportunities for better ways of communicating with patients. I think on some level you have to feel a bit uncomfortable in order to stimulate change and make an impact. It’s also humorous to me because we all do the same things, but are patients’ needs really being met? Working with Julie teaches professionals what good practice looks like and how patients’ own narratives can truly support us in meeting their needs.”

Linda Muraca, MN
Nurse Clinician

“Devaney truly understands and gives informed and supportive voice to healthcare experiences of patients. My Leaky Body should be on the required reading list of every medical student who truly wants to understand the meaning of patient centered care.”

Dr. Donald McKay
Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education
Memorial University of Newfoundland

“I found it really inspiring; they way you’ve been so thoughtful and critical (in a useful way) about your experiences reminded me that I used to see things that way and have got much too used to just accepting that ‘that’s the way things are’. The way you manage to be angry and critical whilst still being supportive and positive about change is really refreshing, a kick up the backside to me (again in a useful way!!) Thanks again…”

Lorraine Hansford
Peninsula Medical School, Exeter, UK
Associate Research Fellow

“Thank you so much for coming to our class, bringing us something so novel, and stimulating a fascinating discussion. I’ve no doubt that your material will come up again and again in the course as it touched on so many of our themes of medicine, power and social order. You’ve given us a personal referent and… bravely brought a body into the cerebral space of the classroom. Your performance inspired me to be more creative and embodied in my own performances as a scholar and a teacher.”

Aryn Martin PhD
Professor of Sociology
York University, Toronto

“Julie Devaney’s My Leaky Body had me on the edge of my seat from the moment she sat up on the edge of her gurney. Devaney is fearless in bringing the real, terrible, wonderful story of one femme disabled woman’s body to the stage. More, please.” “Julie Devaney’s My Leaky Body had me on the edge of my seat from the moment she sat up on the edge of her gurney. Devaney is fearless in bringing the real, terrible, wonderful story of one femme disabled woman’s body to the stage. More, please.”

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Writer/Performance Artist
Oakland CA

“In her one woman play, Julie Devaney makes masterful use of her narrative of illness to explore how patients experience the medical system. It is a powerful teaching tool, as Devaney successfully hits the precise note where personal experience intersects with theory.”

Pat Durish, PhD
University of Toronto

“Julie is a gifted and compassionate writing coach. I find writing about illness trauma extremely difficult because the “telling” of the story triggers anxiety and distress. With Julie I felt held and safe so I was able to feel those emotions and channel them into my writing. She taught me to write from the heart and to let my body guide me. She knew where I needed to go in my writing before I did and took me there!”

Sandra Aylward