I bring my past and current experiences as a patient to all of my work. Whether I am supporting the writing of other patients and professionals, providing workshops to groups, or writing political columns, I forefront my own vulnerability directly and honestly while encouraging others to do the same. And even when topics seem bleak, I bring fun and joy to the process.


Julie Devaney, Patient Expert www.juliedevaney.com

As a patient, I have been in and out of hospital since 2002 with diagnoses of Crohn’s Disease and Ankylosing Spondilitis. I have had major operations, extended hospitalizations and frequent interactions with doctors, nurses, administrative staff and technologists. As an educator and consultant, I have facilitated participatory workshops with health care professionals coast-to-coast in Canada and in the US and UK. My work at the University Health Network in Toronto has transformed real patient stories into staff training.As an artist, I have written and performed my own work everywhere from theatres to boardrooms and supported clients and collaborators in doing the same. For more details about my credentials and past projects, see my CV and bio.

“I love working with Julie Devaney. She is sharp eyed and warm hearted so sees very clearly what needs to be done and then is kind and straightforward with her suggestions. We worked together on Robin Duke’s ‘I’ve Been Hacked’. Both Robin and I benefitted from her insights and wisdom. We all laughed a lot too.”

Martha Burns
Actress and Theatre Artist